BlacktipH Shark Fishing Rod with Winthrop Terminator Butt and Carbon Fiber Wrap

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Product Description

Due to supply chain issues, rods can take up to three weeks to ship out.

If you want to catch monster fish, this rod is designed to catch the biggest in the ocean! Josh and Greg Norman caught a 1300lb hammerhead shark on the prototype used to design this rod. This rod could easily land a 1000lb bluefin tuna! Built with the highest quality Fuji SiC guides and a Winthrop tip. 

Josh Jorgensen personally designed these rods and gaffs to meet his requirements to catch monster fish. BlacktipH rods and gaffs are wrapped in carbon fiber for extra strength and power. Every rod and gaff comes with a limited lifetime warranty by manufacturer (please read over the warranty for complete details). 

This rod is great for the following species: Shark, Bluefin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Grouper, and Swordfish. 


Rod Components include:

  • Winthrop Terminator Butt
  • Winthrop Top
  • Fuji SiC Turbo Guides
  • Custom finger digit foregrip
  • Carbon fiber wrap for extra strength & sensitivity
Model Type Length Foregrip # of Guides Price
BTH66SHAR Conventional 6'6" 12" 6 + Roller Tip $999.99