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Performance Shirts for Active Kids

Maximize your child's outdoor adventures with our range of performance shirts designed specifically for active kids. Crafted with high-quality materials and innovative features, our shirts offer unbeatable comfort and protection for all their outdoor pursuits.

UPF 50+ Protection

Keep your little ones safe from harmful UV rays with our UPF 50+ shirts, providing maximum sun protection for their delicate skin. Whether they're fishing, hiking, or playing in the backyard, our shirts offer peace of mind for sun-savvy parents.

Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve Options

Our collection includes both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts to suit any weather conditions. Versatile and practical, they're perfect for year-round outdoor adventures.

Lightweight, Breathable and Quick-Drying

Designed with active kids in mind, our shirts are lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, keeping them cool and comfortable all day long. Whether they're running, jumping, or exploring, our shirts move with them, providing unrestricted freedom of movement.

Moisture Managing Fabric for Active Play

Say goodbye to sweat and discomfort with our moisture-managing fabric, designed to wick away moisture and keep kids feeling fresh and dry. Perfect for intense play sessions and outdoor activities, our shirts are built to keep up with their energy levels.

Cooling Fabric 

Keep the fun going even on the hottest days with our cooling fabric technology, designed to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. Whether they're splashing in the water or building sandcastles, our shirts keep kids cool and comfortable.