BlacktipH Bucket Fishing Hat

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Product Description

Embrace the outdoors with the BlacktipH Bucket Fishing Hat, meticulously designed for optimal sun protection. Its extra-wide brim extending to the shoulders, crafted from durable lightweight nylon, ensures you stay cool while braving the elements. The snug-fitted size provides a secure feel, complemented by water-repellent features for added functionality. With a UPF 35 rating, this hat safeguards you against harmful rays. Available in sizes MD-LG (7 1/4 - 7 3/4) and SM-MD (6 7/8 - 7 1/4), it caters to different preferences. The stylish wide brim, Stay-Dri Performance sweatband, and water-repellent functionality make it an ideal companion for any fishing expedition or outdoor adventure.


MD-LG (7 1/4- 7 3/4)
SM-MD (6 7/8-7 1/4)

DECORATION: (WxH) 2.69 × 2.2 inch rubber patch. 

 Wide Brim
 Front 3 3/4", Back 4 1/4"
 Stay-Dri Performance