BlacktipH Die Cut Decals- 4 Pack

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Product Description

BlacktipH Die Cut Decals 

Our BlacktipH die cut decals come in a four pack. Each die cut decal is a different design

1- BlacktipH Logo- 5.5 inches by 10 inches

2- BlacktipH Text-   2 inches by 10 inches

3- BlacktipH Shark- 4 inches by 5 inches

4- BlacktipH Patch logo- 5 inches by 6 inches

Each sticker is printed on onto clear durable vinyl laminated custom cut with pre mask

Durable for Salt water

Our BlacktipH Die cut vinyl decals look amazing but can be tricky for people who are used to just peeling a sticker and putting it on their car, boat, tackle box ect.

We recommend that you look into these instructions 

1. Please clean the surface that you would like to put the Die Cut Decal on

2. Smooth out the stickers with a card if possible to have them pressed before                 peeling

3. Carefully peel the two pieces apart, removing the backing and leaving the                   decal on  the application sheet. If your decal is sticking to the backing,                         close the sticker and  start again, changing the angle of your peel                                 maneuver. The half that is pulled away at the sharper angle releases the decal. 

4. Once you have your decal completely on the application sheet, line it up where           you  want it, using the light adhesive on the application sheet to hold the decal in      place. While one hand holds the decal away from the surface, use your free hand to    apply the decal by smoothing it onto the surface as you go up. This reduces the          chances of bubbles. 

5. Once you have the decal on, use your finger and firmly press along every surface        of the decal through the application sheet.

6. Peel the application surface off using a very aggressive angle to avoid peeling the        sticker back off. If you see the sticker coming off, stop, press it back on, and try            again, making that removal angle as high as you can.